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Anonymous asked: Hey ;) The names Beth x My favourite colour is turquoise (or hot pink) x My favourite ship is troyler and my favourite ice cream flavour is mint choc chip x I have a family dog called Suzie. She is a jack shiz. And .... i have never watched/read harry potter... but i did the quiz and I'm a hufflepuff x i gather that's the loser one because amazingphil looked kinda sad when he got it and its badgers so... :P xx Love you btw, your blog is one of my faves :D xx

TROYLER IS LIFE. I love you *hugs*
And don’t worry for the Harry Potter thing, I’ve only watched the first four movies and it took me forever to actually know what Hogwarts was XD (Yeah, because in French it’s called Poudlard, which is pretty different).

rukiadragonheart asked: Hello! My name is Siobhan, Favourite colour would have to be burgundy or black. Favourite ship would have to be sephiroth/chaos (don't think theres actually a term for it...) Favourite Ice cream would be bubblegum. I used to have pets but not anymore and if i were at hogwarts i'd be a slytherin!

I don’t know your ship though. Where is it from?

Anonymous asked: hey. my name's aisling. My favorite colour is blue. my favourite ship is johnlock. my favourite ice cream flavour is ben and jerry's phish food. I have two cats and a dog, and my hogwarts house is hufflepuff. ^_^

OMG I love your name, so original. Mine’s boring x) AND DID YOU SAY JOHNLOCK THAT’S PROBABLY THE BEST THING EVER :D

dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me



Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat or dog

Hogwarts house


reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM image

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everybodys dad has a weird obsession with something

 saving people

hunting things

the family business


someone’s new here

Mine is with Supernatural…

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Of moths have balls, that explain why they’re annoying as fuck and hard to get rid off.

Anonymous asked: curious anon here. what's your favorite color? #1 role model? favorite story? what you love about yourself (don't you dare skip this!!) what you wish you could change (don't be too harsh on yourself) jeans or yoga pants? green or pink? sweater or hoodie? favorite blog? <3 ~~~~~~

1. My favourite colour is red. I even dyed my hair bright red not too long ago, ahah.
2. My number 1 role model is my father. He taught me to accept everybody’s differences and stood up for me when I needed support.
3. What I love about myself is that I can have my own opinion based off my experience in life and I’m able to stand up for it, even if the world’s against me, while people in my school seem to be afraid to be themselves and just follow the trend~
4. What I’d like to change about myself is the fact that I’m having panic attacks way too frequently, it sucks and people don’t understand it so they judge all the time… *sigh*

(Yes, I didn’t talk about any physical changes because I don’t think this is important)

5. Jeans, even if sometimes I just feel like being lazy and wearing baggy clothes just for the heck of it
6. Green, without any hesitation
7. Hoodie ALL THE WAY!
8. I don’t have a favourite blog because all of them are so different, I feel like I can’t really judge. Though I’ve made a friend here and this is definitely my favourite person here: marrymedanhowell